Monday, January 24, 2011

Thinking in and out of the box (day II)

Just a few highlights from Friday...

A good part of the day was spent trying to get away from those darn teachers.

I hear only four year olds could be in that box.  

I don't know how- but somehow two children fit in that itty-bitty box. 

Where are all the children?  I only see one!

There's a few behind the barricade- the rest are in boxes, hiding. 

They created a new barricade- in a circle, for better socialization probably, and on the tile instead of the carpet, for better coloring I think.

They caught me looking at them, so they all ran inside.  

A few boys wanted to play swords with the big wrapping paper rolls, but decided that it wasn't fun to just pretend to hit things, and it wasn't safe to hit their friends: so they stood a box on end- an evil robot that needed to be beaten with "swords" and/ or "sticks." 

A girl or two joined in.

And then moved on to pretending a flattened box was a raft, which she kept "falling" off of, needing to be saved from drowning. 

Darn it, they moved the fortress and built something new while my back was turned. 

It took a joint effort to make this laptop.

"Miss Elizabeth can you tape me in this box and mail me to Florida?"
"Why Florida?"
"I want to go to Disney... but not on ice."

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